Promising New Drug Trial Looks at Once-a-Day, Non-Insulin Diabetes Medication

November 8, 2011 by  
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As anyone with diabetes will tell you, one of the biggest frustration in living with the ailment is monitoring one’s blood sugars and taking insulin.

Diabetics need to be constantly vigilant. Those with severe Type 2 diabetes, for example, must keep a close eye on their diet and check blood sugars multiple times a day. It’s not uncommon, for example, for such diabetics to take copious notes regarding their meals: its contents, portion size, amount of sugar, calories, etc.

They may keep a glass of juice nearby if their sugars are too low, and, of course, have insulin handy should they get too high.  All in all, it’s probably the most arduous components of diabetes management.

That said, there is hope on the horizon.  The Topeka Cotton-O’Neil Diabetes Center is taking part in a promising new clinical trial around the drug Elixca. This diabetes medication is taken only once a day, and in addition to lowering blood sugars, also may reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke.