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BBC News is reporting a massive campaign is underway to pair diabetes patients with researchers to further study the latest research of the disease in human subjects.

Unlike cancer patients, in which some 30% seek clinical trials, fewer than 1% of  diabetes mellitus patients seek similar means that may offer better methods in  managing diabetes, and even therapies that may offer a cure. Clinical trials are essential in developing better treatments and gathering more data to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle.

The new campaign matches patients with an ongoing clinical trial by organizing a drive that will allow 25,000 diabetes patients the chance to enroll in a program that may help their battle with the lifelong disease. Most patients enrolled in clinical trials receive more comprehensive care and closer attention than they would from their General Practitioner.

In the United States, 50% of patients who have received human islet transplants are showing insulin independence years after the clinical trial surgery. With limited human islets available, researchers are currently investigating whether islet cells from pigs are a viable solution. Studies are currently being tested in monkeys with a goal of human study in the near future.

With groundbreaking science progressing rapidly in diabetes management, clinical trials are becoming a vital means of testing possible cures. Patients are needed now more than ever before to gain regulatory approval of these technologies and bring hope to diabetes suffers worldwide.


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