Managing Diabetes: Put Down the Cigarettes

August 24, 2012 by  
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Diabetes complications are potentially life-threatening, but you can reduce your risk of serious complications by closely monitoring your health and properly managing diabetes.

The treatment plan recommended by your doctor depends on your type of diabetes, as well as the severity of your condition. The goal of treatment is to keep your blood glucose level within a healthy range. But even if you follow your doctor’s orders and take your medications as directed, smoking cigarettes can undo your hard work.

Most people associate smoking with heart disease and lung cancer. But cigarettes don’t only affect these areas of your health. Smoking can also increase your blood glucose level. For this reason, smoking is counterproductive to managing diabetes, and if you want to stay healthy and ward off problems, it’s time to give up cigarettes.

Talk to your doctor about various options, such as the nicotine patch or perhaps medications designed to help you kick the habit such as Xyban, which I used. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner you can devote all your energies to managing diabetes and improving your overall health.


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