How Does Diabetes Affect Your Vision?

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If you are diagnosed with type II diabetes and continue your lifestyle as is then there is a huge chance of becoming legally blind. Type II diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise while maintaining normal levels of blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. Even if you are controlling your Type II very well, you should have normal checkups because blindness is not the only vision problem that one can contract. Diabetes can also lead to a higher risk of cataracts, retina damage and changes in the eye’s tissue. You should advise your optometrist about your type II diabetes so that he or she can specifically look out for these vision problems.

If you have gone undiagnosed and go to the doctor with blurred vision and a temporary paralysis of the eye muscles, many optometrists will recommend taking a blood test to see if one has Type II diabetes. As more glucose runs through your body the more likely it is that you will have vision problems. By carefully monitoring your glucose levels you may be able to avoid this. By maintaining a healthy diet and work out routine you will be lowering your glucose making it easier to monitor and maintain.

You should then have regular vision checkups if you have already been diagnosed with type II diabetes. The early the optometrist can detect a vision problem the better as it can be treated and it will be a good wake up call to keep your diabetes diet plan on track. Most people can control this so there should not be major concerns. However, if you do not follow these simple recommendations then your chances of losing your vision can increase drastically.


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