Depression Caused by Diabetes Among Women

July 25, 2012 by  
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For women living with diabetes the rate of depression is much higher than her male counterparts. It is primarily due to hormonal factors and stress. Women, busier than ever, need to balance work, family, finances, meals, etc. daily, so adding managing diabetes along with everything else can become too much.

Dealing with changes in their menstrual cycle, pregnancies, life after baby arrives, peri-menopause and menopause are all hormonal factors that can contribute to the state of mind of a women during her life especially while she is managing diabetes. It is important that women are evaluated if they are feeling depressed and are no longer able to enjoy activities as they have in the past. Part of leading a healthy life while managing diabetes involves staying active and fit. If a woman is going through a time when she is depressed she could very likely let her care slip and that is never an option when one has diabetes.

Seeking medical attention for help with depression will diminish these feelings and allow a woman to take charge of her life, do the things that make her happy and keep herself fit, which will help to keep her blood glucose levels in check and allow her to stay happy and healthy.


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