Diet For Type 2 Diabetes

Diet for persons with Type 2 diabetes is an important part of their treatment plan. Followed in combination with an appropriate exercise program, a Type 2 diabetes diet can help them maintain their blood glucose level, avoid rise and fall in their sugar levels and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. While there will be certain restrictions in a nutritional diet plan, there will also be times when some good treats can be included.

There is a lot of talk these days about the glycemic index of foods being part of a Type 2 diabetes diet that takes into account not only the amount of sugar the food contains, but also how fast the food breaks down into sugar and gets into the bloodstream. For example, many refined foods and carbohydrates will begin to metabolize into sugar as soon as it hits the digestive system and are not good components in a Type 2 diabetes diet. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and metabolize and can be healthy for a person with diabetes.

Many juices are considered healthy in a lot of diets, but many of them may contain natural sugars that speed their way into the bloodstream as sugar and are left out of a Type 2 diabetes diet.

Diets Are All Part Of Healthy Living And Daily Intake:

For the most part, diets designed for weight loss limit caloric intake, usually providing less calories than the body burns. A Type 2 diabetes diet is similar, only instead of calories it considers sugar. The diet should not allow more sugar than the insulin in the body can handle. Even with drugs that increase the amount of insulin or help the insulin guide the sugar into the cells, consuming more sugar than the body can process can lead to many complications.

Another key component to a Type 2 diabetes diet, is exercise. It is known that regular exercise can help improve the good cholesterol in the body as well as help the diabetic lose weight. With a majority of those with diabetes being overweight, the exercise can have a two-fork benefit. Weight loss and improved cholesterol in conjunction with a Type 2 diabetes diet can help promote a healthy cardiac system as well.

Depending on the austerity of the diabetes, along with other health factors, a Type 2 diabetes diet can allow occasional inclusion of treats such as cake and ice cream. However, these types of foods can only be included on and off if the rest of the diet stays intact.

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