Diabetes Test Strips: Keep a Tab on your Disease

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Today, a majority of our population is suffering from different kinds of diabetes. People suffering from diabetes need to undergo a constant check up of their blood sugar levels so as to prevent their glucose levels being out of control. In earlier days, diabetes testing was quite a cumbersome process, but that’s not the case anymore. Now, you can easily check your blood glucose level with the help of a glucose monitor and diabetes test strips.

Although diabetes test strips give you an exact figure of your glucose levels, these can be quite expensive to use. Hence, you must make sure to use these test strips properly so that you do not end up wasting them without obtaining any accurate results.

How to Use Diabetes Test Strips

Before starting the procedure, be ready with your diabetes test strips, glucose monitor and lancing device. You will be performing the piercing action with the lancing device, hence make sure to choose a part of the body (like finger tip) that you are most comfortable with.

Place one of your diabetes test strips in the glucose meter and test the code present on it. Now, match this code with the code number printed on the test strip vial label and proceed only if the code matches. In case you do not find a match, you will have to adjust the meter code by using up and down keys.

Once you get matching codes, wait for the glucose meter’s ready signal which may look like a blood drop on your test strips. Once you are able to see the symbol, pierce your finger with the help of lancing device and extract a blood drop. Now place this extracted drop of blood on one of the diabetes test strips that you placed in the meter. This should be done as per the instructions given in the manual.

The glucose meter will notify you of the results by producing a beep or any other sound. After this, you can discard your test strip and your device will be turned off automatically.

Proper Handling of Diabetes Test Strips

The test strips for diabetes should be properly stored within their original container with a closed lid. The special material of the container helps in preserving these test strips by keeping them dry. Also, it is best to keep the strips in one container only instead of transferring them continuously from one container to another.

The diabetes test strips should be used immediately after they are removed from their storage container. Avoid exposing these to the outside environment, particularly direct light, for prolonged periods of time. Avoid keeping the test strips in a humid area such as a bathroom or kitchen. Keep them at a dry place in a closed container.

Handle the strips only with thoroughly washed and dried hands in order to avoid wetting them. Also, diabetes test strips should be kept away from extremely hot or extremely cold conditions.


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