Consider Insulin Pens or Insulin Pumps to Help Manage Your Blood Sugars

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For the millions of Americans managing diabetes every day, each year brings with it new hope for treatment, particularly in the delivery of insulin to the body.

But before we discuss the types of treatments available, it’s first important to fully understand how diabetes affects the human body. Diabetes, for all intents and purposes, stems from an individual having an excess of glucose in their blood.

Glucose – also referred to as “blood sugar” – is “food” for cells in muscles and tissue as well as the brain, providing them with critical energy.  But an excess of glucose can severely impact neurological and cardiovascular functions, such as causing numbness in limbs.

Therefore, the cornerstone of diabetes management is keeping glucose levels stable using insulin. Normally, diabetics should periodically monitor their blood sugars and inject insulin as appropriate. But there have been some encouraging developments on that front.

Insulin pens, for example, deliver insulin just under the skin and already contains insulin; as a result, diabetics don’t need to withdraw insulin from the vial into the needle. Insulin pumps, meanwhile, can be used instead of injections; a computer chip continually monitors blood sugars and automatically releases insulin through a tube under the skin.

Talk to your doctor to see if either option would be right for you.


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