Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 2

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If there is history of Type 2 diabetes in the family, being aware of its signs and symptoms can allow for early detection and treatment. Diabetes, if left untreated can have disastrous effects on a person’s health, affecting many systems and can lead to heart attack and stroke, along with other serious complications.

If your father or mother had diabetes, there is a good chance you will also develop the disease in your lifetime. While diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms may seem unimportant or insignificant to many people, but still if your family history indicates you could be a target,it would be good to tell your doctor and undergo testing on a regular basis. Early detection can lead to early treatment often reducing the toll diabetes can take on your body.

Frequent urination with excessive thirst are two of the most common diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms andt they can be accompanied by feelings of always being hungry. Add to these, unexplained weight loss and increased fatigue can also be diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms. Irritability and detoriation of vision are other signs that the disease is present and may already be causing problems.

Understanding The Symptoms Meaning:

When a person has diabetes, their body is not producing enough insulin. It is the insulin that catches on to the sugar in the blood and leads to the cells in the body that uses it for energy. If the cells cannot get the sugar, or the sugar cannot be processed proeprly, the body will have a loss of energy. The loss of energy is one of the major diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms that may indicate the disease has progressed beyond pre-diabetes.

If the sugar cannot be processed into the cells, it will be cast aside from the body, usually through the urine. As the body’s ability to produce insulin fails and more sugar is left floating through the blood, the body will attempt to move it out, making frequent urination another of diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms of which to be wary.

Additionally, the more frequent you urinate, the more your body will demand, hence increased thirst, another of the diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms. Without sugar getting into the cells thereby providing energy we feel tired all the time, which tends to make a person irritable, which is another sign that something is wrong in the sugar department.


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