Ignoring Diabetes Symptom Can Be Dangerous

Many times persons with diabetes may not realize they have diabetes, especially if they ignore the symptoms the body is giving them. Some of the signs are so illusive that unless a person has risk factors of developing the disease a diabetes symptom may not ring any bells that something is wrong. By being aware of the symptoms, even being without many of the risk factors, the onset of the disease can be caught quickly.

One of the most common diabetes symptom is the urge for frequent urination. When sugar builds up in the blood, the kidneys have to work overtime to flush it away. This frequent need to urinate also draws fluids from the cells, causing excessive thirst, which is another diabetes symptom. Improper processing of sugar in the blood into the cells, starves them for energy often leaving a person feeling tired and lethargic. Excessive exhaustion along with weakness and appetite can also be a result.

When sugar in the system is discarded through frequent urination, the calories are also going with it, resulting in possible weight loss. Similar to the frequent urination and excessive thirst problem, having the calories flushed away before they can be burned can lead to exigent appetite. This can lead to weight gain and the development of more fatty tissue, which cannot use the insulin effectively. As a diabetes symptom, weight fluctuations should be considered a warning sign, many times seen in Type 1 diabetes.

Don’t Ignore Vision Problems:

Frequent urination pulls fluids from cells and tissue, the lenses in the eyes are also affected. This can damage the blood vessels in the back part of the eye, the cornea, and the body will attempt to grow new ones, resulting in burred vision. As a diabetes symptom, if left untreated diabetes can in future lead to blindness.

When the level of glucose levels in the blood reaches a high point, it can affect the body’s ability to heal itself, causing sores or cuts to heal considerably slower and can also result in the the person suffering frequent infections. Another diabetes symptom is a tingling feeling in the hands and feet. An elevated level of blood sugar can cause nerve damage and may result in pain as well as the tingling sensation.

Another diabetes symptom caused due to the inability to fight infection is swollen or sores gums and other tissue in the mouth. This can be very troublesome for those with gum problems prior to the onset of diabetes. Regardless of risk factors, any of the symptoms should be enough to consult a physician about the possibility of diabetes.


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