Foot Care and Diabetes

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One of the symptoms for diabetes is when you start getting sores on your feet. To avoid amputations and infections, you would need to take precautionary measures. Amputations usually happen when you start losing feeling under your feet. Because you don’t feel anything, it is quite easy for you to get cuts and sores without even knowing that it has occurred. That is why it is imperative to take a look under your feet on a daily basis to ensure that under your feet is void of cuts, sores or even a scratch. The best way you can go about managing diabetes conditions such as this is by protecting your feet every day by wearing socks or shoes.

When taking a shower, turn the dial to warm water so that your feet can get a tempered bath. Never soak your feet; your skin can immediately become broken from the dryness. This can lead to cracks and ultimately sores.

To avoid this, dry your feet thoroughly after getting out of the shower making sure you pay particular attention to drying the areas between your toes. Feet should be kept moisten all the time.

Massaging your legs will help with blood circulation; you can also do feet and leg exercises as well to get your blood flowing. Of course, the above-mentioned precautions should be coupled with regular visits to your podiatrist.


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